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“We are once again at the edge of space but this time with a substantial private sector element (Space X, Blue Origin among others). This changes the equation and makes it increasingly interesting to consider national initiatives to stimulate and facilitate commercial efforts to pursue innovative ideas in space. In some ways, this can be thought of as the opening of the west in the history of the US. Railroads and the automobile were transforming technologies - this may be a useful analogy to follow. Aria Colton has been a persistent advocate for Australian engagement in space and her National Space Innovation Hub could be a timely step into a new era.”

-  Vint Cerf, Internet Pioneer, Chief Internet Evangelist at Google January 31, 2018 –


The National Space Innovation Hub(NSIH)  is being developed to create, capture and add value.

The NSIH provides a strategic, inclusive, integrated focal point to facilitate collaboration between industry, research institutions and government to meet market demand from the end-users of space innovation. The customers are the end-users from industry sectors such as agriculture, renewable energies, medtech, health and wellness, telecommunications, mining, transport, disaster management, water management and many others.



For the first time in our history, the world is on the cusp of a space innovation boom.

Globally, Industry 4.0 is aligning with Space 4.0 to transform the lives of people, research institutions, decision-makers, policymakers and businesses. It’s a perfect storm of unprecedented market need. In Australia, the NSIH is strategically positioned to meet this market need through collaboration, building on existing capability and making space innovation accessible to all.

Space innovation is problem solving, finding solutions to help make our world a better place and collaboratively addressing the grand challenges of our times. Neil de Grasse Tyson talks about building "a culture of innovation" which means encouraging fuzzy thinking, where making mistakes is part of the deal, where the impossible can become possible and where great ideas can become great things.

The world is experiencing a paradigm shift unlike anything we have seen before. In the 18th century with the advent of steam power and industrial machinery, came the First Industrial Revolution, which boosted intra-national connections through the building of bridges and railways. Now in the 21st century, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) is being driven by a new wave of automation and connectivity opening up huge commercial opportunities in the global space economy.

This perfect storm of unprecedented market need sees the convergence of Space 4.0 and Industry 4.0. The miniaturisation of technology is lowering barriers to entry to space and spurring market demand for innovative solutions for industry, government and academic sectors. Space 4.0 offers a massively compelling opportunity for industry both as suppliers into the market and users of space applications and technology. To meet this growing market demand, the NSIHwill assist industry, government and academic sectors to build and retain their own competitive advantage along with the increasing reliance on space services and the need to innovate to stay competitive.

Our culture of innovation is the NSIH - the space innovation ecosystem, a conduit for problem solving connecting the makers of space tech with the end-users of space tech to build intellectual and social capital, build partnerships and networks and benefit knowledge sharing.

Let’s ignite imaginations, inspire innovation and build our capability.



The National Space Innovation Hub Pty Ltd (NSIH) is an Australian company and the foundation of Australia’s space innovation ecosystem, providing a framework for accelerated growth of Australia’s space economy over the next twenty years. The NSIH is part of a broad industry-led initiative to position Australia as a leader of Space innovation in the Asia-Pacific region, delivering significant societal and economic benefits.

Aria Stirling Colton is the founder and CEO of the National Space Innovation Hub™ Pty Ltd.

Applying design and systems thinking, Aria’s brainchild is the NSIHin response to Australia’s timely opportunity to build significant intellectual and social capital through utilising emerging space technologies. The NSIH will bolster and extend the emerging space industry to harness this opportunity to be at the forefront of space innovation and will deliver significant societal and economic benefits and position Australia as a leader within the Asia-Pacific region.

The NSIH™ is informed by Aria's record of achievement, which includes more than a decade providing high-level strategic advice, ideation and extensive research to industry, government and academia, with the aim of propelling the emergence of the Australian commercial and civil space sector. Aria has a multidisciplinary background, which encompasses the arts, marketing and public relations, with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of South Australia.